Hello and welcome to my blog page. Here you'll find all the latest on this years adventures. I can't promise it'll be updated all the time but I'll try to post something as often as possible!

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You've got to love "last minute" changes.

So we've decided to do Universal Studios Japan as well. Why not?

9 days to go...

Shinkansen? Metro? Pasmo? JR Pass? - Oh My. (Part 1)


One of the worrying aspects of visiting a foreign country is being able to navigate the public transport network. Now we all know Japan is home to one of the most robust and reliable train networks of the world but I was never aware of just how extensive it actually is or the huge amount of different tickets available.

First up is the Tokyo Metro:

On first glance this beast looks like a complete nightmare, however to my delight on further inspection it works exactly like the London Underground. Presumably the major difference being it'll run on time and without any tramps.

It gets better. Tokyo Metro even has its own Oyster Card variant in the form of Pasmo and Suica. This far reaching electronic payment system is even accepted in vending machines, 7/11 convenience stores and the Tokyo Disney Monorail! In typical Japanese style it also comes with its own cute characters or "Kawaii" as they're known.

Yeah. Beat that TFL.

Next up will be the Shinkansen or Bullet Train as we know it. Check back tomorrow!



A short entry for you, Look out for a longer post later this evening.

I've already mentioned the major reasons for visiting Japan in the previous blog post, but another is to explore and enjoy the amazing architecture of the city. Nothing symbolises this better than the Tokyo Skytree.


This amazing structure is similar to London's BT Tower, primarily a broadcasting tower but with a publicly accessible viewing gallery. It gives astounding views over Tokyo and the surrounding areas including Mount Fuji!

The top floor 'Tembo Galleria' @ 1,480 ft promises to be one of the most spectacular experiences on this trip - I think i'll be purchasing a new camera to take full advantage of it!

More details can be found here:

Why Japan?


I've been asked by a few of my friends and family why of all the places to pick am I going to Japan?

I could give you a short answer of "Why not?" but that wouldn't make for a particularly exciting blog entry nor be entirely truthful. So I'll try to explain some of the reasoning for you.

Japan offers a unique combination of two of my favourite things, one of which is escapism from regular life and taking part in extraordinary experiences that many don't have the chance to do. This interest of mine has led to a variety of trips and general insanity with friends including spending an evening inside the Big Brother House last year. The other major thing which has drawn me to Japan is I'm a thrillseeker at heart. Japan strangely is home to some of the biggest and best rollercoasters on the planet! Here's a few:

The head over heels spinning craziness of Eejanaika:


The 100mph Launch Dodonpa:


The sheer madness of Steel Dragon 2000:


...And that is without touching on the contents of the Tokyo Disney Resort which I'll keep for a future blog post.

So that is why I'm going to Japan!


Whoah. We're going to Narita!


So myself, Stu and JaiB have decided, thanks largely to a ridiculously cheap flight, that Tokyo seems like the thing to do this January. It's not really sunk in yet just how crazy an idea this is.

With less than two weeks to go I find myself frantically researching anything and everything. I'm a pretty experienced traveler but only to European and American countries where the culture is not too dissimilar from our own. This experience is worthless in this case so I've never been more grateful to the internet for its overwhelming knowledge, translation tools and people willing to share their experiences of the land of the rising sun.

I thought I'd join in which is the reason for this blog! I suspect this will be one of those "Holidays Of A Lifetime" people harp on about. With that in mind I'm feeling the need to digitally document every stage of this insanity driven adventure into the unknown.

I wont bore you with the full details of the research I'm doing at the moment but here are some of the more interesting discoveries so far:

That's it for now. In short, I'm nervous and apprehensive but incredibly excited!