Hello and welcome to my blog page. Here you'll find all the latest on this years adventures. I can't promise it'll be updated all the time but I'll try to post something as often as possible!



Oh, well this is awkward.

It would appear as though I forgot I had a blog. Well i will probably do something with this soon but until then you'll find me being all sociable over on my social media things. If you have me on them then that's great, if you don't then tough.

Left My Heart in Tokyo



First of all, apologies for not keeping this updated whilst in Japan. I'd like to blame technology, lack of WiFi or some other reason but the simple fact is I was having too much of an incredible time to fit in any updates. Now I'm back however I can begin to post about some of the amazing experiences I had, my 'review' blog posts should be starting shortly once I've recovered fully from the trip.

For now I'll simply say that Japan is incredible. The people are amazing. The culture is mind blowing. Everything is on another level and there are not enough words in the English language to describe the place. If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful country then do it - it will be a life changing experience you'll never forget.

Arigato gozimasu

More Soon.

The Final Hours


With less than 48 hours to go the madness is setting in. I'm currently in the process of packing and double checking everything in preparation. I feel sorry for those during my final shift at work tomorrow as they'll hear nothing from me other than a constant stream of babble about Japan.

My blog posts will get more interesting from this point as I intend to post daily photo galleries from Japan here on my website for everyone to enjoy. This is obviously dependent on the interweb connection but as it's Tokyo I don't think that'll be much of a problem!

So until then. Sayonara.

Robots, Tits, Dinosaurs and Being Vegetarian.


I've been a Vegetarian for as far back as I can remember and until now it has never been an issue. Sure, I've struggled a little bit in various restaurants in America but usually I can get by with ordering a combo of sides or an obnoxiously large salad.

It seems with this little adventure though being Vegetarian is going to present a real issue. The Japanese it appears have no understanding of what a Vegetarian is and therefore don't really have any accommodation for them. For the record at this point I feel as though I should point out that unlike a lot of 'Vegetarians' I don't eat fish.

This dietary inconvenience has led to some interesting discoveries during my research. Firstly that "Vege Restaurants" do exist in Tokyo but they're not exactly what we westerners would expect. For instance one proudly proclaimed that whilst all the food consisted of vegetables and meat substitutes, it was cooked in meat based products for flavour.

Another discovery is that the vast majority of food is served with 'Bonito Flakes" which are a combination of ground up fish and flavourings, usually chilli or seaweed. Mmmm.

There is hope however but it is a depressing one. I do like to sample foreign foods when abroad but on this occasion due to the language barrier and uncertainty on how something would have been cooked or garnished, it appears I'm limited to Western outlets such as Subway, Burger King (Yes! Really!), Dennys and a select few restaurants inside Tokyo Disney Resort. There's also a Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal Citywalk in Osaka which serves possibly the only 'Veggie Burger' in the whole of Japan. Yay!

All that being said, I'm not going to let this gastronomical failure get in the way of what is going to be a truly amazing adventure and whilst were on the subject of food I believe its the perfect time to introduce the robot "restaurant":


This is actually a thing. You get served a bento box of various nasties (which is not the point, according to Trip Advisor you just leave the food) and then get treated the most insane and nonsensical dinner show in the world. It has giant sharks, robots, dinosaurs, tanks, planes and plenty of scantily dressed Japanese girls riding the aforementioned objects. Take a look at the video below for further details.

Basically. The very existence of this thing has blown my mind. I. Cannot. Wait.


Shinkansen? Metro? Pasmo? JR Pass? - Oh My. (Part 2)


Part 2 - Shinkansen & JR Pass.


I'm not much of a train person but the idea of taking a Japanese 'Bullet Train' is somewhat exciting. Think a Virgin Pendolino on steroids, these modern marvels are capable of speeds of up to 200mph and link up the vast majority of major Japanese cities. That's not all, the Japanese are masters of punctuality as the average delay on the Shinkansen network is a mere 36 seconds. (2012 figures).

We'll be using the Shinkansen four times on our trip, twice for the journeys to and from Narita Airport into central Tokyo and again for our excursion to and from Universal Studios in Osaka.

All of these journeys are included in our "JR Pass" which is a specially priced rail/bus pass for tourists to Japan. The JR Pass is valid on the majority of Japanese rail and bus services with a few exceptions and has made planning getting around a lot less stressful.

Most of the rail networks not covered by the pass are included on the Pasmo mentioned in a previous blog post so with those two types of ticket it's more or less a free pass to all public transport in Japan. The JR Pass is exclusively available to tourists and cannot be purchased in Japan. We've used which sells the 7 day ticket at £164 each and posts it out to your UK address. Not bad at all.

It's beginning to seem a lot more real now. Just over a week to go!